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This section of my website contains reviews by me about other authors' fiction or poetry books. Nonfiction reviews will appear on the relevant subject website, e.g., Contextual Politics. Previously these reviews were maintained in a separate website, but as their selling point is that they are reviews by an author the appropriate place for them is on my author site. The Authors button below will take you to a page that sorts the reviews by surname of the book author. The author of all the reviews is Mercia McMahon.

For a full list of reviews sorted by either book title or book author surname use the buttons below.



As in hinted at from this home page this site has been reorganised in terms of book author surnames. There has also been a change in the addresses with a return to proper html addresses rather than using a workaround to pretend that the site is using a database driven content management system. To translate that into non technie the addresses not end in .html. As the addresses were changing I took the opportunity to make the addresses more readable by adding hyphens between author fore and surnames and between the words of book titles. Previously I ran it all together, e.g., harperlee/tokillamockingbird, but that is harder to read and so I've followed the search engine recommendations and changed to harper-lee/to-kill-a-mocking-bird.html. I previously avoided hyphens as they are awkward to type on some smartphone keyboards, but the hyphens are here to stay so apologies to those with hyphens on the number screen of their online keyboard.

There are not many reviews being added at present as I am busy writing and editing my own book. I continue to read books, though, and the review count will begin to rise again before too long (don't beleive everything you read on the internet). The book that I was reading from Old Year's Night to New Year's Day (Isabel Allende's The Japanese Lover) has become the first review added in a long time. Hopefully 2017 will see a lot more reviews of recently read books and catching up on those I missed in 2016.

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