Oscar Speech


The address that you have come to used to have an unbelievably clever article that wittily responded to Oscar Bernie's (probably) tongue-in-cheek article "Why the Author Earnings Report is misleading." Unfortunately, shortly after it was published there was a major system crash as our web-host and the article was lost and it was not backed up properly. If I manage to piece together the article from my fragmented memory I will do so, but in the meantime you just have to trust me when I say in all humility that it was brilliant, in fact the best thing since unsliced bread.

Failing my memory becoming unfailing you can check out Bernie's original article on his eponymous website, the comment on it by the Indie Publishing news site Ink, Bits & Pixels, and the (since heavily edited) discussion at the Indie Publishing activist site Passive Voice. Note that most of the comments on the first two sites are made by activists from the third site.

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