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MMMporium is a sole proprietor business run by the author Mercia McMahon. It is headquartered in London and so comes under English law, which includes European Union law in relation to online privacy. This privacy document explains that MMMporium websites use no cookies and sets out other privacy and security policies. These policies have been devised with privacy and security in mind, for example comments were removed because they required users to set up an account and so give MMMporium their data and Javascript was removed because the prevalence of Javascript-based malware leads many internet users to switch off Javascript in their browser.

No User Accounts

This author site does not permit visitors to sign up as authenticated users or members. As a result no personal data is submitted and therefore no personal data is retained.

Comments and Emails

Comments cannot be posted on this author site. The one area where a site visitor's data is retained is when a user communicates with the sites by via the email links. The contact form and the email links send a message to an admin email address that is stored on the Krystal servers in London and are never forwarded anywhere else. Krystal is an English registered company (registration number 07571790) and so your communications are not liable to information suits via any other country, such as the United States, or the European Union.

No Cookies

This author site makes no use of cookies, which are small text files used to record details about your preferred use of the website.

No Javascript

Javascript is very useful for website designers, but is increasingly being used for malicious purposes. For that reason I and many others dislike Javascript and no Javascript is used on this author site.



There is no advertising on this author site.

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