I used to post oneliners on Facebook on Twitter and after leaving social media I feel bereft of one line to write something I think witty in. So here it is: Mercian Oneliners. Warning this site contains British humour and may be a teensy weensy bit political.


The Oneliners website only had a few lines, so it was moved to a single page of the Mercia McMahon authot site. Of course if you are reading this you already know that.

This website was launched 3rd December 2016 to celebrate the anniversary of 3rd December 2015, on which probably nothing much happened except it being exactly one year before this website was launched.


Will Chester Zoo name their new born elephant Trunky McTrunkface?

Trawlerman's net worth leaves us fishless.

You couldn't make it up. Footballer in yellow boots gets sent off for two yellows.

Should Nicky Morgan lose the whip over her distaste for dressing in leather?

Tony Blair condemned post truth politics, presumably on grounds of copyright infringement.

A full English Brexit will inhibit freedom of movement.

Having your cake and eating it? The French Fancies will be difficult.

Brexit means youpaysforit.

Boycott the new fivers and send the boycotted notes to me (unmarked) at the usual address.

Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat, while the turkey is getting to safety.

Manuel knew everything, but he didn't mention anything, not even about the war.

Life is a box of chocolates and they're all coffee cremes.

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