About the Author

I am an author of fiction and non-fiction, who used to also write political non-fiction. The reason that the political aspect is in the past is that I accepted employment in a politically sensitive post and can no longer make public pronouncements about matters of contemporary politics.

Mercia McMahon


Reformations of Martin Luther (MMMporium 2017) a short book placing Martin Luther's reformation in the context of Holy Roman Empire politics.
Preserving Eternity (MMMporium 2015) a non-magical fantasy set in an alternate Asia.
Make my Joy Complete (MMMporium 2015) a coming of age short story originally entered for a writing competition.
Speaking of Men (MMMporium 2015) a feminist retelling of the Tower of Babel.
Seattle in Shorts (MMMporium 2014) a contemporary novel containing short stories about Seattle's past.
Forgiveness (MMMporium 2013) a short story originally published in 2011 under a pen name.