Brexit in Context

An examination of the reasons why the UK voted to leave the EU in 2016. Primarily focused on the historical context since 1945.

Seattle in Shorts

A novel about dealing with the shadows of the past in 21st century Seattle. Martine Brown, a Seattle ex-pat, leaves London after a bereavement-related mental health breakdown to move to Poulsbo, Washington State. First she will spend November 2013 in Seattle, where she plans to re-visit old haunts, in the hope of recovering her mental strength. That plan goes awry, but she finds help from new (and renewed) friendships. Each chapter is a Day in the Month of Martine. As an interlude to each chapter there is a talking head short story from a member of one of Seattle's minority communities talking about the past or present suffering of another Seattle minority community. There is a particular focus on the Japanese American, Native American, and LGBT communities.

Speaking of Men

The Tower of Babel is a well-known story from the Jewish scriptures that relates the story of how men angered God and as a result the confusion of human languages was brought into being. Yet what if the story was told by ancient women? How would the story differ? This is an attempt to re-imagine the story from a female perspective. This is neither history nor theology. This is humour with a political edge.

Inquest into a Campaign

Inquest into a Campaign is a creative non-fiction critique of the international press regulation campaign waged in the week between the death and the funeral of Lucy Meadows. She was a school teacher in Accrington who ended her own life on 19th March 2013, four months after being subjected to press harassment. That press interest arose after her school announced that she would no longer teach as a man. Her death occurred just as the British parliament was debating the press regulation aspects of the Leveson Report. This book examines the motivations of the various aspects of the campaign with a focus on social media based campaigning and the connections to the parliamentary debate. The story is told in the form of a fictional inquest into the campaign conducted by The Coroner. The book contains timelines and online resources at the end of each chapter as well as at the end of the book.

Poetry from a Mistimed Youth

100 protest poems written by Mercia McMahon in her teenage years in Belfast 1982-1984. They deal with political unrest in Northern Ireland, nuclear warfare, conventional warfare, global inequalities, and corrupt political leadership.