Mercia McMahon is the author site for me, Mercia McMahon. It includes details about my books and my future projects. It also contains my reviews of other authors' fiction. If nonfiction reviews are published they will go on the relevant nonfiction website (e.g., Contextual Politics).

This author website is returning to the Drupal web design system and all articles and reviews have now been imported from the html site. The only page not imported is the front page. To view it go to https://merciamcmahon.com/index.html.

Further work will be done to improve site visitors' abilities to sort content into their preferred order, but the content is available. Most articles have the same address but without the .html ending, e.g., https://merciamcmahon.com/dachau.html became https://merciamcmahon.com/dachau. A few articles changed their address more substantially, e.g., 5-years-a-londer.html became five-years-a-londoner.