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Mercia McMahon is an author and editor of fiction, non-fiction, and poetry. Her work is published through her own publishing business MMMporium.

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Brexit in Context is an historically based analysis of why the UK voted to leave the EU. It was originally planned for publication on the first anniversary of the launch of the campaign on 20 February 2016, but has been delayed by health issues and is now due for publication by the end of May 2017. If the publication date is looking like the end of May then it might be held off for the anniversary of the referendum on 23 June 2017.

Latest addition to the website stable is Oneliners by Mercia McMahon, which consists of oneliners by Mercia McMahon, but on a smartphone it may take up more than one line.

Preserving Eternity has been withdrawn from sale as the planned trilogy of short novels is to become one long novel. It will also switch from a first person perspective to a third person one, which means that Preserving Eternity will be substantially re-written. The story of Preserving Eternity will remain the same, but it will be written from a narrator's point of view rather than that of the individual characters. The revised project is likely to appear in 2018.

MMMporium ebook pricing has been made consistent across all four books still available for sale at £4.99 or $6.99US. That pricing change is part of the reason for removing Preserving Eternity from sale and turning it into a larger text. Seattle in Shorts and Speaking of Men will remain as short novels, while the short stories Forgiveness and Make my Joy Complete have been withdrawn from sale, but may reappear some year as full length novels.



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Forthcoming Publications

​This rolling news article is a permanent resource for announcing forthcoming publications by Mercia McMahon.

Brexit in Context on the historical context to the UK vote to leave the European Union has been delayed due to health problems until May or possibly June 2017.

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5 Years a Londoner

​On 9 June 2009 I moved from Manchester to London, leaving the north a day early because of the threatened tube strike. That move was a fulfilment of a dream that I had held since 1983 to move to the greatest cultural city on earth.

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​Chieshi is the city-state that lies at the heart of Preserving Eternity, the first novel in the Fumetsu Cycle. It surrounds the mountain of Fumetsu-zan on which the older members of the immortal Fumetsu race live.

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Kumamoto Castle

An article about Japanese castle design and warfare in the wake of Kumamoto Castle being damaged in an earthquake. It was the inspiration for the fictional city of ​Chieshi in my novel Preserving Eternity.

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Mercia's NaNoWriMo Career

​This article contains a summary of Mercia McMahon's efforts in National Novel Writing Month (November) or Camp NaNoWriMo (April and July). National Novel Writing Month has been running since 1999 as an internet based peer pressure activity to persuade reluctant novelists to prove that they can write a 50,000 word novel in one month.

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Near the exhibition entrance is a wall with a telling statement that science fiction asks big questions. Philosophical endeavours are not the exclusive domain of literary fiction a case of Sci-Fi performing the function of Sci-Phi.

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