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Mercia McMahon is an author and editor of fiction, non-fiction, and poetry. Her work is published through her own publishing business MMMporium. By clicking full article you are taken currently to the MMMporium website, but soon it will be to a copy on this Mercia McMahon site. To make comments you will need to go to the MMMporium site and links to do so will be placed at the bottom of each article on the Mercia McMahon author website. If you use the email button below you will be taken to the Contact message form on

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All MMMporium books except for the two shorts (Forgiveness and Make my Joy Complete) are now exclusive with Amazon so that they can appear in its Kindle Unlimited lending library. This exclusive period will last for the foreseeable future in response to the vast majority of MMMporium sales taking place on Amazon sites.



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Forthcoming Publications

​This rolling news article is a permanent resource for announcing forthcoming publications by Mercia McMahon. Tech books aimed at non-technical writers are in production on Drupal web design, SQLite database, and Linux operating system. A couple of books on political matters are in progress. Work is also under way on volume 2 of the Fumetsu Cycle, Declining Eternity, with volume three, Restoring Eternity, due in late 2016. All will be available exclusively on Amazon including Kindle Unlimited.

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5 Years a Londoner

​On 9 June 2009 I moved from Manchester to London, leaving the north a day early because of the threatened tube strike. That move was a fulfilment of a dream that I had held since 1983 to move to the greatest cultural city on earth.

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​Chieshi is the city-state that lies at the heart of Preserving Eternity, the first novel in the Fumetsu Cycle. It surrounds the mountain of Fumetsu-zan on which the older members of the immortal Fumetsu race live.

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Kumamoto Castle

An article about Japanese castle design and warfare in the wake of Kumamoto Castle being damaged in an earthquake. It was the inspiration for the fictional city of ​Chieshi in my novel Preserving Eternity.

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Mercia's NaNoWriMo Career

​This article contains a summary of Mercia McMahon's efforts in National Novel Writing Month (November) or Camp NaNoWriMo (April and July). National Novel Writing Month has been running since 1999 as an internet based peer pressure activity to persuade reluctant novelists to prove that they can write a 50,000 word novel in one month.

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Near the exhibition entrance is a wall with a telling statement that science fiction asks big questions. Philosophical endeavours are not the exclusive domain of literary fiction a case of Sci-Fi performing the function of Sci-Phi.

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