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I am an author of fiction, and non-fiction, who publishes my books through my single author publishing business MMMporium. This author site is focused on all my writings. I am also a key worker and used to work as a priest, so this front page was taken over since Holy Week with a series of sermons linking the story of Jesus' final week to the COVID-19 crisis. Unfortunately every aspect of the UK COVID-19 response has become heavily politicised, so in keeping with my contractual requirement to avoid making political comment I have removed all COVID-19 pages, including the sermons, from the site.

I am beginning to take advantage of the fact that my new web hosting deal with Krystal means that like my early years with Smart Hosting I have unlimited websites. The technology articles have been removed from this site and arebeing rewritten for a new website aimed at explaining how to set up Linux to alleviate RSI pain. The website is called our sip linux, with the lack of capitals deliberate, because typinf capitals on a keyboard can induce pain for RSI sufferers like me. You can view the early progress on the site here.



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